How to Avoid Dimension Figure Overlapped with Dimension Line in Floor Plan

A floor plan serves as a comprehensive visual representation of a space’s layout and design, facilitating effective communication and planning in architectural and interior design projects. Utilizing Visual Paradigm Online, creating floor plans becomes a straightforward process. However, the intricacies of floor plans often lead to issues such as dimension figures overlapping with dimension lines. If you encounter this problem or similar issues, this article provides solutions to address them effectively.

Avoid Dimension Figure Overlapped with Dimension Line in Floor Plan

On your floor plan, you may need to mark many details on it, such as the dimension line. In case you find that your dimension figure is overlapped with the dimension line, it may disturb you when reading. Although you can choose to add the background color to make it clearer, splitting the figure and line is also another useful way for you.

At the bottom of the Setting Panel, there is a section “Spacing”, which helps us to control the position of the text. In the above case, if we want to split the figure and line, we need to move the text upward, which means that increasing the spacing of the bottom part.

Adjust the bottom spacing from -5pt to 5pt, we can then clearly find read the figure and line respectively.

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