How to Avoid Numbered Item Render Out of Element's Border

Numbered items play a ubiquitous role in our designs and work. As a default feature, they can sometimes present technical challenges, such as extending beyond the borders of our elements. In this article, we’ll guide you through a few simple steps to rectify this issue in Visual Paradigm Online and ensure your numbered items stay neatly within their designated boundaries.

Avoid Numbered Item Render Out of Element’s Border

When there are numbered item more than 10, the numbered item may overlap, or even outside the left border of the shape. We can then solve it by adjusting the spacing inside the text box.

Select the text, go to Setting Panel. We can find a spacing under Text Setting. As the numbered items are now overlapping the left border, so we need to set the Left Spacing here. For example, we can set the spacing as 30 pt.

Wen can then find that all numbered items are inside the text border.

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