Digital flipbook is an interesting way for you to share your works. In you want to convert Multiple PDFs together in order to build your awesome bookshelf, no need to upload and convert them one by one, In this article, we will show you how to convert them at once!

How to Convert Multiple PDFs into Flipbook At Once

Convert Multiple PDFs into Flipbook At Once

In our workspace, go to the Flipbook page and click Choose File to start uploading our works.

Select the document we would like to upload.
We can also drag and drop them to the page directly.

The PDF files will automatically upload to workspace, and convert into flipbooks one by one.
We can see the loading process on the bottom right corner.


When finished, we can see those flipbooks are listed in draft state.

Select the flipbooks by unchecking the box on left, and publish them at one by the button above.

After that, we can read them as flipbook, and share them with others!