You need agility, strong planning and organizational skills to succeed in today’s business.

Many people started a corporation believing that they are going to turn on their laptop or open the door to earn money. They might end up to realize that it is quite difficult to get a company off the ground and just as difficult to continue to develop a company once it’s developed.

You can eliminate this situation with your business ventures by taking the time and preparing all the appropriate steps you need to take to succeed. No regardless of the type of company you want to launch, here are nine tips to help you start your own company successfully.

  1. Understand your customers by googling like a pro
  2. Apply customer journey mapping
  3. Enhance your products and service with SWOT and TOWS analysis
  4. Make google use of social networks
  5. Make attractive product videos, tutorials and feature highlights in Youtube
  6. Consider online advertisements in Google, Yahoo, Linkedin, Bing and etc.
  7. Write articles and post them in your blogs in your website, medium and etc.
  8. Post newsletter and seasonal emails to introduce new services, or product news about your company
  9. Send reminder for products or service annual maintenances
  10. Make special offers to your customers with coupons and /or seasonal discount