How to Make Publication Server become System Service

Visual Paradigm Online provides the Publication Server, which helps you effortlessly host and manage your digital publications. Whether it’s sharing flipbooks or slideshows, the Publication Server offers a versatile solution for seamless publication and distribution. You can configure the Publication Server to become a system service, ensuring automatic startup upon machine boot. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to achieve this configuration, streamlining the process for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

Make Publication Server become System Service

First of all, we need to run the Command prompt as administrator.

Navigate to the scripts folder of the publication server execute the install service script.

When you see the message The service vp publication server had been installed, means the service being successfully setup.

After that, go to System Service with administrator right to  locate the vp publication server service. Press the start button to start it up

Then, right click on the service and select properties. Change the startup type to automatic, and press OK to confirm the change.

Next time, the publication server will automatically starts when your server being boot.

Reasons Why You Need a Publication Server

By gaining a full control over the security of your digital publications with the Publication Server, ensuring that sensitive content is hosted and managed securely according to your specifications. Additionally, hosting your digital publications on this server enhances your brand presence, offering various branding and customization options. This enables you to tailor the appearance and presentation of your content, aligning it seamlessly with your brand identity. The Publication Server becomes not just beneficial but essential in delivering a secure, customizable, and branded experience for your digital publications.

In case you have not started using the Publication Server, here is a guide for you:
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