Celebrate your graduation Put on your cape and celebrate your success in style! Create your personalized graduation invitations with Visual Paradigm’s easy-to-use graphic maker. You can create compelling and unique invitations in speed. We offer a number of graduation invitation templates to make the creation process quick and easy.

What To Include?

The commencement ceremony and after party might host at separate venue, also it is usually limiting a certain the number of participants, which means you can most likely to be invite 2-5 audience. Using an invitation card would be a graceful way to make a proper invitation since you can drop down every detail and run down at once. Either you are inviting your audience to your commencement ceremony or after party, make sure you drop down the following details below so that your love one can arrive on time.

  • Full name
  • University Title and Year of Graduation
  • Date, Time and Location of Ceremony
  • Specific Dress (If Applicable)

Who is it for?

Considering your relationship with you family and friends, if they have show strong support during your academic period, it is natural to invite them. If you are focus on inviting your parents, it would be better to send them a classic invitation. In order to display all the information crystal clear, and make sure to make your accomplishment title “BOLD” and be proud!!!

Common Design of Graduation Invitation

Graduation invitations are no longer limited to traditional designs. Today, there are endless possibilities to incorporate themes and elements related to the subject, school, or personal interests. Below are some examples to inspire your creativity!

Classic Color and Pattern

If you prefer a traditional look, black is a common color used for academic dress. By adding pops of color like red, blue, or yellow, along with lines and classic patterns, you can create a classic design for your graduation invitation.

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Funky Elements

If you are planning to invite your friends to a party afterward, you can create a funky invitation to share a strong visual styling so that they would know what to be expecting afterward. Also, make sure to keep it brief and conversational just like how you usually communicate with your besties.

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Cheery Celebration

If you’re planning to invite your friends to a party after the ceremony, why not create a funky invitation that captures their attention? Use bold and eye-catching visuals to give them a taste of what’s to come. Make sure to keep it short and conversational, just like how you usually communicate with your friends!

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Make it into your own

If you want your invitation to be more personalized, there are plenty of ways to do so. You can use specific color tones and fonts that match your personality, or even add your own portrait photo to let your picture do all the talking.

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5 Interesting Facts About Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are a time for celebration and commemoration. Here are five interesting facts about graduation ceremonies you may not know:

The graduation cap (mortarboard): It originated in the 15th century when students wore long gowns and caps to protect themselves from the cold. The square shape of the cap represents the shape of a book, symbolizing knowledge.

The Most Common Graduation Song: The most common graduation song is “Pomp and Circumstance,” a musical march written by English composer Sir Edward Elgar in 1901. It has since become synonymous with graduation ceremonies.

The oldest Graduate: Mr. Shigemi Hirata graduated from the the Ceramic Art Course of Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD) at the age of 96!

Tossing of the graduation cap: This action originated at the U.S. Naval Academy in 1912. It has since become a popular tradition around the world.

The Tassel Tradition: The tradition of moving the tassel from right to left during the ceremony symbolizes the transition from candidate to graduate.