PDF is one of the most commonly used tools in schools and offices, it allows us to lock down work and regular formats. In order to find specific topics in the design, we can use the search tool in the PDF reader. By entering keywords or phrases, we can find the content we want through the PDF.

How to Search for PDF File Content

Tips when searching PDF file content

The search system in most PDF readers is the same, here are some tips for us to search content in PDF in a smart way.

  1. Search with specific words rather than common ones – If we search for words that are too common, we will get too many results and still take a long time to find what we really need. Try searching with longer phrases or meaningful words to reduce the range of search results.
  2. Choose the right search area or settings – Some PDF readers offer different search areas or settings. For example, some may cover all text, including sections such as bookmarks. Select the right area for your search.
  3. Check if there are any unacceptable symbols – Not all PDF reader search systems support searching for some symbols such as asterisks (*) or question marks (?). Avoid searching with these invalid symbols.

Search the content of a PDF using VP Online PDF Editor

With VP Online PDF Editor, you are also able to search the content by keywords. Let’s see how to do so.

Under layers, we can find button Find/ Replace, enter the keywords you need and click Find, the tool will then search the result for you.