How to Take a Good Selfie Infographic

How to Take a Good Selfie Infographic

How to Take a Good Selfie

A search for “selfie” on Instagram yields more than 122 million photos. Everyone takes a selfie at least occasionally, although some of us act more reserve than others, as we’re all worried about how the photos look. Every time we take a selfie, we want to know which is the most likable and pretentious. However, we often find that it’s hard to hold a camera and take a sexy picture of yourself at the same time. Getting the idea of a good selfie pose from a camera app is much harder than doing it, isn’t it?

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  • Many people find that the best Angle to take a selfie is to hold the camera above your head.
  • Only take selfies in a safe place (avoid taking selfies in crowds or near streets…). Because when you take a selfie, you’re not paying attention to what’s around you.
  • Before taking a picture, touch the most important part of the picture on the screen, which tells the camera to focus on that area.
  • Flash is indicated by lightning sign. In dim areas, a flash will brighten the picture. You can turn the flash on or off by touching the lightning sign.
  • To take a compelling selfie, you need to focus your eyes on the camera
  • You any add filters to the photo if you wish. Choose a filter to make your selfies look their best
  • Smile Naturally! No selfie is complete without a smile.

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