Instagram is a fast-growing platform that allows individuals and businesses to expand their brand business which is viewed and posted by over 600 million users every day. On social media, people interact with friends and fan-base. How to create a great Instagram profile in an intelligent way to connect with your followers and or even build brand awareness. Especially for companies, it’s a way to humanize the brand, recruit future employees, showcase products and company culture, engage customers, and expand into new businesses.

These five strategies will help you maximize your fan base, awareness, and interactivity.

  • Well-designed profile
  • Improve photography and photo beautification skill
  • Create clear and precise text descriptions
  • Use hashtags related to brands and IG trackers
  • Close connection with IG users
  • Release IG limited-time news and live broadcast
  • Collaborate with bloggers of similar nature
  • Use professional infographic to present your complex ideas

5 Ways to Improve Instagram5 Ways to Improve Instagram

The key to attracting fans is the correct investment of time and energy, such as: tailoring personal information, curating wonderful content, writing meaningful text, using hashtags, working with influential people, and fans.

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