There are many types of leisure activities, some can strengthen the body; some can broaden the knowledge; some can cultivate the temperament; no matter which one is suitable for us, it will not cause physical, mental or financial burdens, we can choose Generally speaking, it can be divided into the following categories:

Leisure Activities

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Tourism category : For example, outings, trips, camping, hiking, etc., not only can get close to nature, appreciate the scenery and beauty of various places, but also relax the busy and busy life, enjoy the feelings and increase the knowledge.

Physical fitness : For example, all kinds of ball games, swimming, aerobics, horse riding, mountain climbing, Tai Chi, diving, rope skipping, etc., can exercise physique, increase physical strength, and be good for health. People who are engaged in mental work should take part in more physical activities to adjust their mind and body and inspire aggressive fighting spirit.

Collection class : For example, collect stamps, cards, bookmarks, newspaper clippings, coins, matchboxes, badges, shells, models, etc. In the process of collecting, identifying, sorting, sorting, storing, and displaying, you can make friends with like-minded people, study collection methods with each other, and share experiences. It can also take this activity to cultivate our carefulness and patience, and sort out Ability.

Thinking class : For example, chess, checkers, puzzles, etc., can cultivate judgment, inspire intelligence and thinking skills, so some people call it puzzle activities.

Creation category : For example, flower arranging, painting, calligraphy, photography, handicrafts, playing musical instruments, writing, singing, etc. are activities that use the brain to create things. Such activities not only meet the psychological needs of human creation and cultivate aesthetic feelings, but also can beautify the living environment and enrich the colors of life with the results of creation.