Native APP – Native App is an application based on the local operating system of smartphones such as iOS, Android, WP and written and run with native programs, also called native app.

Native App


  1. Create a perfect user experience
  2. Stable performance
  3. Fast operation speed, smooth hands-on
  4. Access to local resources (address book, photo album)
  5. Design excellent motion effects, transitions
  6. System-level intimate notifications or reminder
  7. High user retention rate


  1. High distribution cost (different platforms have different development languages ​​and interface adaptations)
  2. High maintenance cost (for example, an App has been updated to V5, but there are still users using V2, V3, V4 , Requires more developers to maintain the previous version)
  3. The update is slow. According to different platforms, different processes such as submission-review-online, etc., need to go through more complicated processes

Web App

Web App, as the name suggests, refers to web-based applications, basically written in Html5 language, no need to download and install. Similar to the light application now mentioned. The application based on the browser is basically a touch-screen version of the web application.


  1. Low development cost
  2. Fast update,
  3. Update does not need to notify users, does not need to upgrade manually,
  4. Can span multiple platforms and terminals.


  1. Temporary entrance
  2. Unable to obtain system-level notifications, reminders, animation effects, etc.
  3. Low user retention rate
  4. Many restrictions on design
  5. Poor experience

Hybrid App

Refers to a semi-native and semi-Web hybrid App, which has both “the advantage of a good user interaction experience of Native App” and “the advantage of cross-platform development of Web App”. Need to download and install, it looks similar to Native App, but there are only a few UI Web Views, and the content to be accessed is Web. Thus, hybrid App strives to create an experience similar to Native App, but it is still limited by technology, network speed, and many other factors.

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