A good selfie, not only people and scenery should be beautiful, the composition should also be beautiful. Of course, you need to use some selfie tools, such as selfie sticks, selfie tripods and other cultural relics. It is not only easy to carry, but also solves the problem of short arms and short face.

You’re taking selfies at the same time everyone else is taking selfies, so why should they be better than you? The culprit could be camera angles, lighting, etc. When taking selfies, for example, choosing the right Angle can not only make you look slimmer, but also make your face look better.

Taking the perfect selfie isn’t as complicated as it seems, but here are some tips to help you create amazing selfies:

  • Master the direction of light – It is better to use your mobile phone to take selfies in the morning or evening when the sun is not glaring and the sun is not rising. A good light source is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of the photo.
  • Pay attention to personal image – When taking selfies, you don’t have to dress yourself up too much, but the overall image must look clean and tidy. Excessive dressing will appear unnatural. Self-portraits are generally life photos, so don’t demand the effect of artistic photos, but self-portraits.
  • Master the selfie angle – 1) Side 45 degrees : Side 45 degrees self-portraits are the best, and the face will be smaller when taking pictures from top to bottom. 2) Head down shot : To take a head down shot is to place the phone below the chin and shoot from the bottom up. 3) Side shot : The side shot is to highlight the side of the silhouette, because no one’s face is completely symmetrical
  • Post-photo processing software – There are many beauty apps now, and the functions generally include dermabrasion, whitening, partial adjustment and filters. It is also very easy to operate, and you can also beautify photos with one click, but don’t overuse the beauty effects.

Selfies Infographic