itsm_overviewWhen talking about Visual Paradigm (“VP”) then I’m positive that most readers will immediately associate the topic with modeling or modeling languages, just like I would. And I think it’s hard not to. VP is an award winning modeling tool after all.

But although things may seem very clear cut on first impressions I think that you might be surprised to discover what you’ll find when we start digging a little deeper into some of the more specific and maybe less often mentioned features of Visual Paradigm. One of which being: information management.

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versions_iconVisual Paradigm provides 5 different editions of their highly acclaimed design and management tool; from a free to use community version (for non-commercial use only) right to an Enterprise Edition suitable for extensive Enterprise Architecture.

Although the VP website provides a full overview of the different editions and their versions, I think that a more in-depth guide from a user perspective might be useful.
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