Today let’s gather some world wide poverty information to prepare a nice report in infographic visual format by using the pre-made template.

Over 1 Billion People in Extreme Poverty in the World in 2030

A report issued by the United Nations Development Program on the 3rd said that given the long-term and serious impact of the new crown epidemic, by 2030, another 207 million people worldwide will fall into extreme poverty. As a result, the total number of extremely poor people exceeded 1 billion.

The World Wide Report Infographic

Here are some facts about world poverty:

  • To measure the financial dimension of poverty, global poverty lines are used. The $1.90, $3.20, and $5.50 a day thresholds reflect various criteria for worldwide poverty. It is considered that people living on $1.90 a day are living in severe poverty.
  • Income is not the full measure of suffering. Access (or lack thereof) to employment, health, nutrition, schooling, hygiene, housing, etc. are other aspects of poverty.
  • 10 percent of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty (less than $1.90 a day) in 2015 (the most recent figures available).
  • Five countries are home to half of the world’s 736 million people living in severe poverty: India, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia

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