We are all very busy. Every day we say and hear:

  • I’m too busy!
  • I’m very busy with my work;
  • My family keeps me busy.

Our work is always piling up every day and we don’t have enough time to finish our tasks. Busyness can prevent us from being truly productive and making important decisions. So, time is precious – a commodity that no one can buy more! Why don’t we maximize our efficiency now? Let’s take some actions and get rid of the inefficient strategies.

Here Are Some Tips for Time-Saving:

    • 20/80 rule – Simplify the agenda by doing less, but concentrating on items important and get the important or urgent thing done early
    • Delegate tasks – if someone else will do, assign it.
    • Focus on one single task or project and get it done first. Avoid multiple tasks whenever possible
    • Avoid meetings
    • Avoid long conversation at work
    • Learn to say no
    • Plan Your Schedule
    • Limit Time on Emails and Social Media.