A greeting card is a type of card printed with pictures or photos, usually made of high-quality paper, and intended to express friendliness or other sentiments. Greeting cards are commonly presented on special events such as birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays such as Halloween, but they can also be used to express feelings. Many people in Western countries send holiday cards to their friends and families around December. During this time of year, many service companies send cards to their customers, usually with non-religious themes like “Happy Holidays” or “Seasonal Greetings.” So how to create a good greeting that that can express various messages and express feelings impressively? This article will provide you with 4 important tips for greeting cards creation.

Before giving you some tips for creating greeting cards. Let’s introduce the types of greeting cards. There are various types of greeting cards in the world, including standard cards, handmade cards, photo cards, personalized cards, etc. For standard cards, are in rectangular forms and are folded. With images or graphics on the front page, and messages inside. For handmade cards, they are made by hand, sometimes with ribbons or 3-dimensional decorations on the top of the cards. For photo cards, photos are inserted and are printed on the card, different images can be chosen based on the theme of the cards. For example, if you are going to design a Christmas greeting card, you can select some Christmas images for display on the card. Personalized cards are personalized with messages and images. People tend to choose their pictures with friends or families members, and use those images to create a card.

Here comes the important advice for creating beautiful greeting cards. Here are the five tips for designing attractive cards:

1. Find your inspirations

Before you start to create the card, you have to think of what do you love to create. You can consider creating the card with cute illustrations, beautiful typography, interesting doodles or realistic images, etc. You need to know what kinds of cards you are interested in designing. If you are a fun person who loves to create cartoons with humor, you may consider designing a card with an interesting and colorful cartoon on the card. If you are a romantic person who loves flowers or grand elements, you may consider adding flowers or other beautiful decorative elements to the cards. You may also find some inspirations for greeting cards, go search some images or design references before you start to design a card. Through the research of card reference, you could find out what type of cards you like. You may also find out some artists you like and get design inspiration from them too!

2. Occasions

You have to think of the purpose of creating a greeting card. What are you going to express through a greeting card? What messages are you going to convey inside the card? What is theme are you going to present on the card? If you are going to give a blessing on someone’s birthday, you should create a birthday-themed card to celebrate someone’s birthday. If you are going to send some greeting cards during Christmas, you should create a Christmas-themed greeting card for expressing Christmas greetings. You can create mood boards before you start the card design. So what is a mood board, it is a type of visual presentation of a collage that consists of various photos. It could help you to generate feelings and ideas before design. You may consider finding some reference images on Pinterest that suit the mood you want to create for the card, and then make a collage board. After finishing the mood board, it will be so much easier for you to illustrate the style of the greeting card. This helps you to create the greeting card with an imaginary style.

3. Using eye-catching colors

If you want your greeting cards to look attractive, you can consider using bold colors in your design. Using bold colors can make the whole design stand out, it could catch public attention from first sight. You may take a look at the below design, bright colors are selected as the color theme of the design, which makes the design visually appealing. You may also consider the font choice of the card. Using striking font could also help to make your design look bold. You may also take a look at the design, decorative font is chosen for the text that makes the design looks cool and special.

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Top 5 Design Tips for Greeting Card Design

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4. Add personal decorations

If you would like to make the greeting card look personalized, you may consider adding texts that are written by you on the card. You could write some special words for the one you are going to give the card to. For example, if you want to make a valentines day greeting card for your beloved one, you may consider writing some romantic words on the card. Let say “ You are the only one that I love to spend my life with, Louisa.” or just “ I Love You, Timothy.” Using that hand-lettering could make your cards looks thoughtfully done, the one who receives the card form you could know that you have spent efforts in creating those cards.