It seems easy to send a clear, concise and grammatically correct email. Isn’t it? However, we all make mistakes, whether it’s email to colleagues or external employees. In most cases, these errors are small and may quickly be forgotten. But at other times, they can be catastrophic, i.e. just like we wear a ragged skirt to attend an interview.

To send a well written email is a way to express our views and professionalism. We don’t have to be the next Shakespearean, but it is better for us to write a correct and meaningful email. Here are some common but avoidable mistakes people often made in their emails. In fact, most of the time, they may have nothing to do with grammatical errors or writing style. For examples:

  1. Incorrect name and / or Titles
  2. Send a email to wrong person
  3. Reply or forward to All but don’t really needed
  4. Not Greeting to the Recipient
  5. Too formal or too informal
  6. Including too many personal details

Infographic template: Top 5 Email Mistakes Infographic (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Infographic maker)