Managing a team effectively requires clarity around roles, responsibilities, and reporting relationships. However, defining and communicating an organizational structure can be challenging. That’s where an organizational chart comes in.

An organizational chart provides a visual mapping of a team’s hierarchy. It clearly shows positional relationships and establishes lines of authority and communication. With positions and roles clearly mapped out, management and team members alike can stay organized and aligned on goals.

Our free online organizational chart tool makes creating visual structures intuitive and hassle-free.

Some key benefits of using our tool include:

  • Easy to use interface. Drag and drop boxes to map out positions. Adjust formats and styles with simple clicks.
  • Flexible formatting. Choose from multiple ready-made templates or design your own customized layout.
  • Collaboration features. Invite coworkers to view and comment on charts in real-time.
  • Export options. Download charts as images for presentations or documents.
  • Storage and sharing. Save charts online and share links for reference.

Here is a brief sample of how our tool works:

With our free organizational chart tool, you can map out reporting relationships, define job titles and roles, and communicate team structure in an visual, easy-to-understand format. Some ways our tool can help include creating charts to:

  • Onboard new employees by illustrating where they fit in
  • Plan restructures and rename/realign positions
  • Delegate projects based on skills and availability
  • Assess responsibility and accountability across teams

Don’t waste time with complicated chart-building software or templates. Use our simple, intuitive FREE online organizational chart tool today to streamline team management.


  • Is there a limit on number of positions I can add? No, you can create organizational charts of any size.
  • Can I collaborate with others? Yes, invite coworkers to view and comment on your charts in real-time.
  • How do I download or share charts? Charts can be downloaded as images or shared via a link for viewing online.

Whether you need to map the hierarchy of a small team or large organization, our free organizational chart tool makes the process quick and easy. Sign up now to start streamlining team structure and communication.