When should you create your PDF/A?

Although PDF/A is a versatile format that can be used to store a variety of documents, it excels at providing long-term backups of digital text documents like Microsoft Word files. Such a file can be converted into a PDF/A that preserves the appearance and feel of the original content. The same fonts are used in both documents, each page of the original document appears as a single page in the preservation file, and you may search the text of the PDF/A exactly like you could in the original.

You might already notice the various benefit of using PDF/A, but do you know when is the best time for creating your PDF/A? Does the timing matter? This article would explain everything to you!

  • Before anything was created
    In some cases, you can produce a PDF/A as the original document to completely avoid the converting problem. By doing this, you can start a document’s life in a format that you are certain will hold up. If you do this, you will only be able to use documents that you won’t need to change in the future. The production of PDF/As often occurs exclusively as output from sizable databases.
  • When you need to record a progress
    Making a document into a record is the process of recording. For instance, even if you produce numerous iterations of a report, only the last iteration will be considered the official one. As a result, after finishing the report’s writing and editing, you can save it as a PDF/A, which makes it more difficult to amend. Since the PDF/A will always be the final version, this technique also has the benefit of making it simple to distinguish between interim versions and the final product.
  • Permanent archiving
    When choosing to store a record as an archive record by making a preservation copy of it, the majority of individuals still convert documents—both paper and electronic—to PDF/As at that point.

How to turn a PDF into a PDF/A?

There are many PDF to PDF/A converters on the market, but you should use “any kind” of the converter as your online security is also at stake. Therefore, we advise utilizing the VP Online Free PDF Converter, which is a great converter that offers speedy conversion of your PDF into a variety of formats, including PDF/A. You may quickly and easily convert PDF to PDF/A with VP Online Editor.