Visual Paradigm serves as a professional tool for crafting valuable diagrams tailored to our specific requirements. Upon completion, we often export these diagrams into various formats, including images, to meet our diverse needs. Yet, at times, we encounter an issue where the exported image fails to capture the entirety of our diagram. In this article, we will explore solutions to rectify this problem.

Why my Diagram not Fully Export into Image File?

Why my Diagram not Fully Export into Image File

Under the Setting Panel, we can find a “Page View” under diagram.

We can also find “Paper Size” at the bottom of the Setting Panel, which represents the size of each of the “page”.

When we select “single page”, the page will not expanded.

In case we choose “Horizontal” or “Vertical”, the page will expand if the content of the diagram over the edge of the paper. However, it may still not fully showing the the whole diagram. When we export the diagram, the image size is same as the full page size, so may occur cases that only part of them diagram is exported.

If we want to ensure that the diagram is fully exported, we can uncheck the Page View feature, or set the Page View to “Not Fixed”.

In case there is no Page View, the size of the exported image is same as the diagram size. If we choose to export with the “Not Fixed” Page View, the image size will be the merging of the pages the involves the diagram.

Why We Need Page View

Page view plays a crucial role in diagram design as it offers essential control over the exported image size. Without page view, users lack the ability to dictate the dimensions of the exported image, resulting in unpredictably sized outputs. By utilizing page view, individuals can precisely set the desired image size, ensuring consistency and compatibility across various platforms and applications.

Additionally, page view provides clarity regarding the actual size and scale of the diagram, offering users a clear understanding of how their work will appear in its final form. This invaluable feature enables users to make informed decisions and adjustments during the design process, ultimately enhancing the quality and effectiveness of their diagrams.