Visual Paradigm Online Animated Explainer offers a rich library of customizable templates that allow you to effortlessly produce professional, engaging videos in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Whether you want to simplify complex concepts, engage your audience with dynamic visuals, or enhance storytelling, Visual Paradigm Online Animated Explainer gives you the tools and flexibility you need to bring your ideas to life. Let’s follow the structure here to create your first explainer video!

Create Your First Explainer Video

Create Your First Explainer Video

After login to Animated Explainer workspace, press the Create New button, and select the dimension of video you would like to create. You can also create from templates. Let’s start from template for this time.

Edit the text and images on the templates to meet your topic. We can also customize the character on the template. Add the animation to make your video be more eye-catching.

Generate the narration with the Text-to-speech function and replace it to the one comes from the template.

We can then preview the video with the Play button and Export it as video.

Editable Video and Animation Templates

Visual Paradigm Online offers a treasure trove of editable video and animation templates that cater to a wide spectrum of creative needs. These templates serve as a springboard for your video projects, saving you valuable time and effort in the initial design phase. From corporate presentations to educational content, marketing materials, and more, these templates cover diverse genres. With just a few clicks, you can personalize the templates to suit your unique style and messaging, ensuring that your videos stand out. Start your first video now!

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