What Is A Sankey Diagram

Sankey Diagram is named after Matthew Henry Phineas Riall Sankey, an Irish captain using this diagram to show the energy efficiency of steam engine in 1898. As time passed, this diagram starts being used to show the flow of energy, and even data in other categories.

In the diagram, value are shown by the width of the arrow. Once they are greater, the value represented is also greater.

When To Use Sankey Diagram

Sankey diagram is usually used to show the flow of energy. For example, U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) use Sankey Diagram to show the production and consumption of energy in the annual repot, and the European Union Statistics Agency also using Sankey diagram to visualize the data of energy in different categories all over the world.

Other than the energy flow, it also suitable for showing different data flow, such as pollution, production, etc. Even there are large amount of data, the colors and the division of branches will show the data clearly.

How To Create A Sankey Diagram

Edit The Data

By the “Edit Data” under Panel-Chart, you can enter your own data.
If you already typed your data in Excel or Google Sheet, you can choose to import the data or link to the sheet directly.

By entering the data, the diagram will automatically group the data of the same category for you and show in arrows in different branches.

Customize The Diagram

You can change the color of all nodes.

Besides the block, the color of the link in also editable.
You can choose to follow the color of the source node, gradient color of the two sides, and also any color you like.

Label of the diagram and also the direction of it can be changed. Start your creation now and customize the diagram to fit your need!

Sankey Diagram Templates

Sankey Diagram template: Bilateral Trade Volume Sankey Diagram (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Sankey Diagram maker)

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Sankey Diagram template: Immigrant Flow In Last Month Sankey Diagram (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Sankey Diagram maker)

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