Sharing your slideshow with a community can be a brilliant way to foster collaboration and engagement. By opening up your presentations to a wider audience, you create an opportunity for valuable feedback, insights, and diverse perspectives. Sharing your ideas, knowledge, and creativity within a community not only boosts your own growth but also contributes to the collective learning experience. It’s a platform for mutual inspiration, learning from others, and building connections that can lead to fruitful collaborations. Embracing this approach empowers you to refine your content, receive constructive input, and create a dynamic exchange of ideas that enriches both your presentation and the community as a whole.

What is a community library?

Discover the virtual community library – a digital hub where knowledge, creativity, and collaboration converge. Explore a vast array of resources, engage with like-minded individuals, and unlock new opportunities for learning and growth. Join our virtual community library to connect, share, and thrive together in a dynamic online space.

Create slideshows with ease

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Click Share button

Click the Toggle to enable community sharing.

Once you are happy with the selection.  Click Publish to share this bookshelf.

Your slideshow will now appear in the community library.

You can also view your presentation online with Visual Paradigm PowerPoint Web Viewer.