Online flipbook is an attractive way for you to promote your work! In order to provide better user experience, you may want to update your work without changing the URL of your flipbook, it’s just a few steps away. In this article, we will show you how to do so with VP Online Flipbook Maker.

How to update your PDF flipbook without changing its URL

How to update your PDF flipbook without changing its URL

In our workspace, go to Flipbook page to find the flipbook that you have already published.

After that, place the mouse over that flipbook and click Share button.

Copy the URL of your Flipbook, then set your work as Draft state.
Once it is set as draft state, readers cannot enter the flipbook through the original URL.

We can then upload the new PDF to the workspace and export as flipbook.
Click Share button of the new flipbook, paste the original URL into the customizable section of the link and click Apply.

Refresh the page of the flipbook, we can find that the new flipbook is shown with the same URL.
Readers can also read the updated flipbook when they enter the original link.

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