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Although PDF is a very commonly used file format, we still need to use different format in various situations. With VP Online’s PDF to Word Converter, we can complete the conversion in a few steps!

Why would we convert PDF to MS Word? And what are their difference?

PDF (Portable Document Format) and MS Word (Microsoft Word) are two of the most widely used document formats. While PDF is popular for its ability to preserve formatting, MS Word is the standard for editing and creating text-based documents.

There are several reasons why one might want to convert a PDF to MS Word. One of the reasons is that converting PDF to MS Word is for accessibility purposes. PDFs can be difficult to access for people with disabilities, such as those who are visually impaired. MS Word, however, offers accessibility features that make it easier for everyone to access and use the document.

In terms of their differences, the biggest is that PDFs are designed to be a fixed-layout format, while MS Word is a fluid-layout format. This means that PDFs are meant to be viewed and not edited, while MS Word is meant to be edited and reformatted as needed.

Overall, the choice to convert PDF to MS Word depends on the individual’s needs. If you require the ability to edit your documents, or need to make them more accessible, then converting PDF to MS Word might be the right choice for you. Visual Paradigm’s PDF Maker tool can help you easily make this conversion.

Convert PDF to MS Word Document

Upload PDF to workspace

In our workspace, we can go to Apps – PDF, then click ” Convert PDF to ” under Tools.

Upload the PDF to the page, then choose the format we are going to convert our PDF to.
Here we choose docx to convert it as MS Word Document.

The online pdf to word converter will start conversion by clicking the Convert button.
Click the Download button to get the converted document.

Edit your document in MS PowerPoint

We can now open and edit it in Microsoft Word.

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