OCR, stands for “Optical Character Recognition”, is a technology that detects text on images and then converts them into editable versions. When uploading PDF in image form to VP Online, OCR can help us to detect the text on it, so that we can edit the text content on PDF. Let’s see how it works in this article!

How to perform OCR on a PDF

How to perform OCR on a PDF

Upload PDF to workspace

After entering our workspace, click Apps- PDF on the dashboard, then press the Import button.

Upload PDF to the pages. We can also drag and drop the document to the page directly.

After loading, we can see a pop-up browser on bottom right corner, telling us that the tool is performing OCR to the PDF.

In the editor, we can then find that we can click and edit the text on it.
The original text will be shown above.

If we want to undo the change, we can click the Revert Change button on the original content box.

We are able to edit the font and color of the text. Customize the text content to fit your needs.

When finished, we can export it to a new PDF, and share it with others.

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