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Kids Tech Influence

What Is Impact of Technology on Kids?

Children in the past had very little exposure to high technologies, so everyone’s childhood came from a pit and a hill. Most of their learning resources come from parents and teachers. When they


Electric Vehicles Benefits

With the increase in the number of electric vehicles, buying electric vehicles has become one of your options. So what are the possible benefits of driving electric vehicles? Some people claim that the benefits of driving an electric car, there

Work Smart with VP InfoART

VP InfoART is an all-in-one visual design tool, allow everyone to create professional infographics, flyers and marketing visuals in minutes, with no design experience require!

VP InfoART offer thousands of handcrafted templates, icons, fonts, photos and smart infographic widgets and …

Create Infographics Poster in 5 Minutes

Infographic is a perfect tool to visualize information in an engaging way. With VP InfoART you can create stunning artwork to present the information and share it on social media, put it on your website or publish it in physical …

Create Resume in 5 Minutes

A step-by-step guide to create your own resume with VP InfoART, including the use of layout compartments, build in artworks, inforgraphics items. Make your resume stand out from the crown and impress your employer.

Learn how to create resume using …


Extroverts vs Introverts Infographic

If we divide people’s personality into two categories: extrovert and introvert, more people like extrovert, they also think extrovert represents success. Everyone seems to define “extroversion” as a strength and “introversion” as a weakness. A child who is articulate as


Mobile Applications Infographic

Native APP – Native App is an application based on the local operating system of smartphones such as iOS, Android, WP and written and run with native programs, also called native app.

Native App


  1. Create a perfect user experience


Blood Donor Infographic

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 50 percent of the 108 million people who donate blood globally each year are collected in high-income countries that make up less than 20 percent of the world’s population. This means that patients