Usually, when we scan a document, it is not in the orientation you expected. Rotating images can be easily done on your own desktop, but you might need an extra hand in rotating your PDF. VP Online is a tool for you to rotate the pages easily. In this article, we will show you the steps to do it!

How to rotate PDF page

How to Rotate PDF Pages

In our workspace, click Apps-PDF on dashboard.
Press Rotate PDF Pages under Tools.

After that, upload your PDF file to the converter. We can also drag and drop the file directly to the page.

After that, all pages of the PDF will be listed on the page.

We can set the page range for rotating and press the rotation button in the direction you preferred.

After setting the PDF according to our needs, click “apply change” to proceed.

When finished, we can rename the outputting PDF file, and download it to our device.
We can also edit it by VP Online PDF editor or turn it as digital flipbook by the buttons on bottom right corner.

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